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Permit Equity Study

Why increase hauling permit fees?

The increase in hauling permit fees is a result of the General Assembly's passage of House Bill 2022. Although the fees do not fully recover the cost of damage to pavements and structures caused by the movement of overweight vehicles, they do represent a significant contribution from industry to help pay for the maintenance and repair of the Commonwealth's transportation infrastructure. The fees also establish a more equitable distribution of costs, both among different types of overweight vehicles and between carriers operating overweight vehicles and other motorists using Virginia's roadways. The fees are not expected to impair the Commonwealth's economic competitiveness.

Legislative Efficiencies

  • Authorize multi-trip hauling permits for vehicles used exclusively to haul farm animal feed, subject to the $130 annual fee recommended for other exempt vehicles.
  • Eliminate 2012 sunset date for permits to vehicles carrying gravel, sand, and crushed stone.
  • Allow transfers of multi-trip permits, whether for an overweight or an oversize vehicle, provided (a) that no more than two transfers are authorized in any 12-month period for each permit, and (b) that the vehicle to which the permit is transferred is subject to all the limitations (on weight, size, route, etc.) set forth in the permit as originally issued.
  • Measure coal truck beds for exterior rather than interior dimensions.
  • Require every locality that issues overweight permits to enter into a memorandum of understanding with DMV stipulating the requirements the locality would need to satisfy prior to issuing permits, and authorizing DMV to issue certain permits on the locality's behalf.

Administrative Process Improvements

  • Combine oversize permits for vehicles with 9-, 12-, and 14-feet widths.
  • Include multiple axle groupings on a multi-trip hauling permit.
  • Issue multi-trip hauling permits that are valid for interstate travel only.
  • Clarify that a vehicle may carry both an oversize and an overweight permit.
  • Allow carriers to obtain 5% overload permits online for every type of vehicle, not just for vehicles registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP).
  • Reformat VDOT's list of restricted structures issued to holders of overweight permits, and publish on the Internet.
  • Improve communications about VDOT's process for issuing permits to unladen vehicles.
  • Offer permits for localities via DMV's online platform.
  • Develop "designated access route permits" for carriers who do not need a permit that covers all city or county roads, but only wish to travel on specific, commercially significant routes within a locality.

The changes will take effect January 2013. For more information, contact Wayne Davis at or (804) 497-7121.

Multi-Trip Hauling Permits

Permit Type Current Fees Revised Fees
Administrative charge
and temporary
registration (DMV)
Damage fees (VDOT)1 Total Fees
Non-Exempt Vehicles
   Annual permit for vehicles weighing 115,000 lbs and less $140 $140 $360 $500
   Annual permit for vehicles over 115,000 lbs $140 $140 $420 $560
   Three-month permit (superload only) $110 $110 $110 $220
Exempt Vehicles
   Annual permit to haul coal, or liquids produced from a gas or oil well, or water used for drilling and completion of a gas or oil well $0 $0 $0 $02
   Annual permit to haul gravel, sand, or crushed stone $0 $5 $65 $70
   Annual permit for underground pipe cleaning, hydroexcavating, or water blasting equipment $140 $10 $120 $130
   Annual permit for tank wagons $405 $10 $120 $130
   Annual permit for all other exempt vehicles $0 $10 $120 $130
   Seasonal permit to haul seed cotton modules, or to haul Virginia-grown produce in Accomack and Northampton counties $0 $5 $40 $45
   Temporary permit for unladen haulers and loaders3 Engineering cost VDOT to continue collecting cost to cover engineering analysis

1For exempt vehicles, a portion of the revenue collected from permit fees would be allocated to local jurisdictions based on lane mileage.

2The fee reflects the revenue that the coal and gas severance taxes already generate for transportation infrastructure in areas where these vehicles operate.

3These permits are issued by VDOT. The permitted equipment is used principally in the mining industry.

Single-Trip Hauling Permits

Vehicle Gross Weight Current Fees Recommended Additional Fees Sample Total Fees
(Based on a 180-mile round trip)
Per-Mile Fee
For Damage
Flat Fee
For Damage
Current Fees
Current Fees
Plus Additional
115,000 lbs or less, non-superload $20 $0.10/mile $0.20/mile $0 $38 $74
115,000 lbs or less, superload $30 $0.10/mile $0.20/mile $0 $48 $84
115,001 to 150,000 lbs $30 $0.10/mile $0.20/mile $50 $48 $134
150,001 to 200,000 lbs $30 $0.10/mile $0.20/mile $160 $48 $244
200,001 to 500,000 lbs $30 $0.10/mile $0.20/mile $250 $48 $334
500,001 lbs or more $30 $0.10/mile $0.20/mile $1,420 $48 $1,504

Overload Permits

Eliminate permits authorizing one percent, two percent, three percent, and four percent overloads and change fee for the five percent overload permit from $200 to $250.

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